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Misc.: Show Products
A good pair of sunnies are crucial for most vacations (tropical or otherwise). Be nice to your eyes and they will be nice to you. But whatever you do, don't take a page from that douchebag Corey Hart's book and "wear your sunglasses at night".
Pants: Show Products
I started buying jeans online a while ago. With Amazons Denim Shop I can easily choose my size, price range, style etc. etc. and if they arrive and don't fit right or I don't like them it's easy as pie to send them back and get a different pair. Definitely pack at least one pair of jeans for most trips. They're durable, stylish, and can take abuse. Not so ideal when they get wet though.
If your travel plans involve bush whacking or local insects then bring along a pair of these. Not only will they protect you from the elements and local flora and fauna, they'll also keep you warm and dry.
Don't let your clothes be the reason for not wading through various tributaries of the Amazon river. Quick dry pants will allow you to seamlessly transition from water wading to bush whacking and hill climbing.
A travelers wet dream. Enough pocket space for your guidebook, passport, local currency, map, souvenirs, and that picnic lunch. These are perfect for a warm day spent wandering whatever city you happen to be in.
Perfect if you plan on jogging while traveling and don't want to look like a tourist. If your a dude, please refrain from wearing these unless you are a.Aware of the local attitudes towards men in tight shorts or b.A very fast jogger.
No belts, zips, straps or buttons. Quite possibly the most comfortable article of clothing known to man. Makes lounging around that much better. Also ideal if you plan on eating a lot and need an expandable waistline.
Shirts: Show Products
A light long sleeve shirt is great for protecting you from the sun, insects, and scratchy branches.
A staple for most travelers, the common t-shirt is found worldwide. Some like to rock out with Wolf shirts while others prefer something simpler I get most of my sweet shirts from Threadless. They've got a great selection and the community is constantly submitting and voting on new tees.
Comfy, cozy, warm. Usually pretty lame in the rain though.
Hoodies are great for warmth and comfort. The Burton Sleeper hoodie is especially useful for travel. It comes with an inflatable neckpillow, and eyemask you can pull down from the hood, a convenient mp3 storage pocket and some other gadgets and goodies. I use this on a regular basis, it stops me from doing the head jerk on my fellow fliers and I feel pretty cool wearing it too.
Rock one of these next time you go to church with granny. Also considered warm and stylish by some people.
Need to spruce up your traveler garb for a night on the town? Maybe your trying to sneak into a private party? Perhaps you've met the girl of your dreams in a foreign city and secured a dinner date? Whatever the reason, make sure you dress to impress so you'll success (triple rhymes fool). Don't get caught with a grungy t-shirt when you could be rocking a dress shirt!
Dresses: Show Products
IIIIII Wanna soak up the sun.
The Sarong is one of the most useful multi-purpose travel items out there. It's also super light so bring one along.Check out this article for some sarongiffic ideas.
Socks: Show Products
Pair with sandals to fit in anywhere.
Don't like rolling or pulling your socks down? Rock some short ones.
Underwear: Show Products
> Bra Add to list
Rocks in socks are not exactly aesthetically pleasing. The polar opposite of this is what occurs when those rocks are put in a bra. Masterful!
Loose, free, whatever airy adjective you want to use to describe the pleasure of boxers. Essential for hot climates and if there will be time spent in non-revealing underwear.
Tight fitting, aesthetic and non-stigmatic. The everyman's underwear.
So dated I don't think Shakespeare could come up with a definition. Stay away from these unless you were born prior to 1901.
You are a man. You have lived in the bush your whole life. Your beard has never known razor, you axe has known naught but stump. Your canoe is red, canvas, and the fish are on your line. As you emerge into this new, unlikely world, you have but one thing to bring with you. Your onesie. Welcome to the future.
Nightwear: Show Products
The shit is pajamas p-a-j-a-m-a-s
Should be big, comfy, and good smelling.
Lingerie shopping is a pretty personal practice (alliteration YES!!). For all our lingerie shopping needs (which are virtually non-existent cause we're guys) we visit Yandy Lingerie. They've got great pictures, I mean selection. Check em out.
Keep unwanted light out and ensure a good nights sleep.
Beachwear: Show Products
Need something slightly more modest than the "kini" family. Rock one of these.
Flip-flops are ridiculously useful when traveling. Yes they're cheap and quick to put on. They're also great for walking around when the weathers hot and they're half decent if you want to walk through some water but where they really shine is those scuzzy hostel shared bathrooms/showers. Just rock a pair of these and get clean without worrying how many people have urinated/had sex/puked etc. in that bathroom. I've had some brand loyalty to havainas ever since I got my first pair in Brazil. They're good, inexpensive, and comfortable so check em out.
There's all sorts of beach towels out there. I like the naked/almost naked women ones as it's the closest i'm gonna get to lying on one. The ones with games (like chess or checkers) are cool as well but my all time favourite would have to be the hooded beach towel. Nothing dries your hair and makes you look the biggest G around like one of these.
Every man should have one of these in his arsenal. Watch this movieif you have no idea what I'm talking about.
Utility: Show Products
Great for playing flashlight tag as well as finding stuff in the dark without disturbing everyone in your room. If your camping, I recommend a lantern style flashlight so you can "work" hands free.
Stationary is dead, long live the laptop! If you don't have one of these, then you will. If you don't want one of these, then welcome the stone age, because that's how far behind you'll be.
Though roaming charges can be costly, and you'll want to outfit yourself accordingly if traveling with a cell phone, it is nonetheless a very useful tool for emergencies and out of the way areas.
Basically a cell phone with a name behind it. If you want to be cool, get one of these.
A good way to help from keeping your dorm mates up late, all while polishing off the remaining pages of Dan Brown's newest travesty. Next time leave it at home--you'll be better off.
Gotta catch an early flight? Still want to party hard with everyone else at the hostel? Don't forget to bring (and set) your alarm clock. Also useful for pissing off douchey hostelmates.
A must have if your going to a place that uses a different power system and you have stuff that needs charging.
If your bringing a camera along bring something that will help you get those pictures onto your computer.
Transfer files like it wudn nuddin.
This is hugely useful during travel in the unfortunate event that you should lose a number of files or even your whole computer; a portable hard drive is an insurance policy on your data.
Just because Harrison Ford doesn't wear one, it doesn't mean you'll look any better spelunking with a whip tied around your waist. Be practical.
Recreation: Show Products
This is a basic device that allows you to load a determined number of songs onto its drive so as to listen to them. Like birth control, there are better means by which to do this now, but this one has proven relatively worthwhile in the past.
The iPod has become a household name. It's a sexy, smooth, functional, status symbolizing music (and more) playing device. Great for passing the time on long journeys. Get one and join Apples army today!!
Good way to kill some time on long bus or train rides. Pick up a bunch of dirt cheap dvds from a flea market or stall and your set.
Unless you are looking to really aggravate the people you're traveling with by sharing out loud with them your poor taste in music and audio, then just invest in a pair. Many devices are intelligent enough not to offer any options without these little puppies.
Whether it be a sudoku puzzle or a scrabble app, this will help while away the hours on long bus trips or boring car rides.
A basic portable gaming system made by Nintendo for your ADD pleasure. Just joking. Thus far their most advanced console that can slip right into your pocket.
These always remind me of kinder surprises (those awesome easter egg things with toys). They're slightly more expensive and I've never actually used one but lots of people seem to love em. I could see them being useful in your travels if you want to do a lot of reading but don't have much bag space for books. Even more useful if your going to be in places where it will be hard to find English (or whatever language you speak) books. I've always relied on hostel book exchanges and have got some interesting reads through them.
Instead of groping around with tiny buttons and pressing the wrong ones then having to rinse and repeat--try just mashing what you want to see or hear with the touch-sensory screen.
Maybe going to the lake for some much needed time off? A relaxing holiday? Bring along season two of Breaking Bad on DVD or work your way through the Dirty Harry collector's edition.
Best used when the people around you want to listen too. That being said this can turn a stagnant hostel room into the dance floor of Republic if you've got what it takes.
Read a book, catch up on a lecture, check out some greasy new porn your friend just sent you a link to. It must be established though, that nothing is likely to score you more interested looks than a Penguin Classic at the base of the Eiffel Tower.
Truly buds that you insert into your ears so you can listen to things on your portable device, whatever it may be. I feel like these will be the direct descendants of cigarettes in that the health risks will be revealed following world wide deafness.
Photo Equipment: Show Products
The amount of cameras I've broken while travelling is ridiculous. The fact that I use socks as camera cases/bolas is probably a big factor in this. Still I'd recommend a shockproof/waterproof camera. Cameras you can take anywhere are awesome and its one less thing to worry about. The Olympic Stylus is one of my favourites and is perfect for wet and wild hot springs fun or just you know taking pictures and stuff. It's shockproof, freezeproof, waterproof, and shoots HD videos as well. So check it out. Be sure to get the Camera Strap Float as well if your planning on taking it in the water.
A little cumbersome to pack along for an amateur's trip to Paris where you're going to take terrible pictures that have been taken hundreds of times and turn them into a power point to induce narcolepsy within your immediate friend group. But helpful if you work for, say, National Geographic.
Don't want to risk asking randoms to take pictures of you standing in front of landmarks. Bring along a mini tripod and you can set it up, hit the self timer, and get in that shot yourself.
A camera without a lens is like a writer without alcoholism--it doesn't work alone, and when it's missing its second half its vision goes blurry.
Pills: Show Products
Headaches suck and can be caused by a variety of things. When I've got a really bad headache I use tylenol but thats only because i'm allergic to aspirin and will swell up for days and look like a huge stoner. Pack a a small bottle of these if your prone to headaches or don't want to worry about finding medication or not knowing the local brands.
An all-purpose pill for aches and pains is useful during travel involving lots of physical activity. Any general purpose ibuprofen will work, like Tylenol or Motrin.
When you're abroad, the last thing you want is to be held back by cold and flu symptoms. Enter cold pills, and the last thing you want will be the last thing that happens.
Whether you suffer from hay fever or something more severe, allergy pills will quell your symptoms should rough winds shake the darling buds of May.
Mamma Mia, Pappa Pia, what's for dinner?
Laxatives, whether it be in liquid form or pill, are good if you are looking to "cut loose" so to speak. No one likes someone who's "stuck up". I could go on.
Don't get burned by heartburn. Relief comes in a pill that soothes. Eat what's put in front of you.
Just close your eyes and think of England. Or take a motion sickness pill and take an actual look at England.
Touchy subject. If you have a boyfriend and you're looking towards a long term relationship where you are 100% dedicated and exclusive, then talk to your health care professional, as it may be the direction which bests suits you. If you're a hose monster who doesn't want to get pregnant while abroad then invest in some condoms and protect yourself, slut.
If you're immoral enough to warrant losing sleep over some closeted sins, then I'd rather you didn't visit the site. If you're normal and want to avoid jet lag, and your liver is too compromised for a bottle and a half of sleep inducing red, then pick some of these up and don't let the bed bugs bite.
Malaria is a mosquito-borne infectious disease of humans caused by eukaryotic protists of the genus Plasmodium. It is widespread in tropical and subtropical regions, including much of Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and the Americas. The disease results from the multiplication of malaria parasites within red blood cells, causing symptoms that typically include fever and headache, in severe cases progressing to coma, and death. If you get malaria pills, make sure you follow the instructions on taking them. Usually your supposed to have them with food, if you don't your stomach will hurt like a mother trucker!
Vitamins, pronounced vihtamins by some are great if you aren't eating too healthy while on the road. Gummy bear vitamins are my vitamin of choice because they taste good and I can convince myself that they're good for me.
Deficient in something? Vegetarian? On the Mcdonalds diet? Supplement yourself with some supplements!
Creams: Show Products
For sore muscles, nothing beats the balm!
Bandages: Show Products
Band-aids make everything better. They can also be used as fashion accessories. See Nelly, one hit wonder rapper from the early decade.
You're not Bruce Willis. Don't tend to your wound with a shop rag doused in commercial grade bleach. It would probably cauterize it, though...
Useful when you need something in between a blues clues band-aid and a leg cast.
"Put this in your ear and twist it."
Prevention: Show Products
Mosquitos suck and in some places can be deadly. Other bugs are also unpleasant so if your planning on spending time in the great outdoors then bring some bug spray along. The higher DEET concentration the stronger/more lethal for you and the bugs. The only DEET free insect repellent that i've found works is the repel lemon and eucalyptus mixture. I used this stuff on a hitchiking/camping trip throughout Ontario during the infamous spring blackfly season and only had problems when i forgot to put it on.
In case you didn't know.. A histamine antagonist, commonly referred to as antihistamine, is a pharmaceutical drug that inhibits action of histamine by blocking it from attaching to histamine receptors. H1 antihistamines are used to treat symptoms of allergy, such as runny nose and watery eyes. Allergies are caused by a body's excessive type I hypersensitivity response to allergens, such as pollen. An allergic reaction, which if severe can lead to anaphylaxis, results in excessive release of histamines and other mediators by the body. Other uses of H1 antihistamines alleviate symptoms of local inflammation that result from various conditions, such as insect stings, even if there is no allergic reaction. Other common antihistamines include the H2 antagonists (cimetidine), which are widely used for the treatment of acid reflux and stomach ulcers, because they decrease gastric acid production.
Let me break it down: If it's raining, wear a raincoat. If it's sunny, wear a raincoat anyway, because it might rain later. And if a girl tries to poke a hole in your raincoat, don't dick around with her, because you don't want to get wet.
I wish I'd had ear plugs when I was in Montreal. A man in the bunk above me came in quite late a began masturbating ferociously for what seemed an eternity. Need I say more? Also good if you're traveling with women or children.
Cracked, chapped lips from a dry atmosphere? Lip balm to the rescue!
Equip yourself with some medicinal eye drops or just regular saline solution that simulates tear drops. It helps reduce redness and itchiness when you have allergies or took one too many eye tokes.
MomSpit is the universal no-rinse cleanser for hands and face. Inspired by the original, it's for everyone, children and adults alike. Whether you're urban, suburban or good old country, a soccer mom, golf dude, fashion diva or business suit, MomSpit was designed with versatility in mind. It's for you when you're on the move and in your groove. Eliminate milk moustaches, chocolate faces, sticky fingers, grease, dried food, latte foam, gas-pump grunge and mystery dirt. Just MomSpit on it.
Documents: Show Products
Any international flight requires a passport. If you are a criminal you don't get one. If you ever want to leave your home country you'll need one. If you are a criminal and you want to leave your home country then wish in one hand and shit in the other, and see which gets filled first.
Not only does your driver's license serve as a form of identification, it also allows you to drive. If you're carrying a passport and not driving then sometimes it is better left at home. Some monopolizing auto-insurance companies (no names mentioned) charge a fortune for replacing lost cards.
Unless you just enjoy trips to the airport and getting turned away at the baggage counter then either bring your ID or get a job working for UNICEF.
These cards are great for getting you discounts on all sorts of things (including hostel stays). I use my Hostelling International card to get big discounts on greyhound bus trips. Check out the HI website for more info.
If you're manoeuvring your way through the depths of any foreign place, this might come in handy. Basically it looks like a piece of paper with a bunch of lines and names on it, and if you took geography in grade school, you'll know how to use it.
Photocopy everything. In this digital, paranoid age, a little concrete evidence never goes amiss, strictly speaking.
These are like condoms. It's always handy to have a few in your pocket.
You're a travelling business person, you meet someone abroad, you need to hand out contact information quickly... Forget about digging through your bag for a pen and asking the already aggravated bartender for a napkin. Ever heard the line: 'Here's my card.'?
You might belong to a golf club or something of the sort exclusive enough to have sister clubs around the world. If your membership allows, you'll be able to take advantage of the amenities at said sister clubs. It can also mean more relaxing waits at the airport, depending on you status.
Unless you're an idiot you don't need to be told of the consequences of bringing a cell phone abroad unless your plan is specifically engineered not to fuck you. A phone card is still costly, but can save you a lot of money when weighed against the latter.
Any insurance provider will take care of you in regards to travel insurance. It can cover a wide spectrum of possible liabilities, ranging from health and life, to baggage and trip cancellation. It is not advisable to leave the country without this, albeit you won't be stopped in customs.
If you get hurt or sick abroad, your health insurance will determine whether or not you get the help you need. Bring it.
If you like a trip planned out well in advance and don't want to risk any spontaneity, then make your reservations, whether it be hotels, hostels, or guided tours. If you are an existentialist who lives moment to moment, don't worry about that shit, it's so far away you can't even see it.
This is hugely important. People you might be visiting, emergency contact numbers, foreign booty calls. Get it laminated if it means it will be more important.
Money: Show Products
It never hurts to carry a little extra domestic cash on you so that when you get back you can easily catch the bus--or if you're broke, you have something to fall back on.
When you're traveling, bring some cash. A lot of the smaller places you'll be in won't accept anything else.
You'll need this to book hotel stays and to tap into when your actual funds run their course. "It's Visa's money now!"
If you talk to your banking institution before leaving, withdrawing cash from your debit card while away can actually be more cost effective than traveler's checks.
Luggage: Show Products
A good quality backpack is perfect for impulsive travel and trips involving lots of walking. With an array of different compartments, this can prove to be exponentially more useful than any suitcase.
Visiting the in-laws (by choice or other), cruising, or just plain old vacationing, a suit case is the go-to baggage for those seeking ease and comfort.
With different compartments for different pieces, this can prevent scratched lenses or broken straps. Aficionados take heed.
Perfect for small trips from a regular starting point. Not too cumbersome, but great for a wind-breaker, an apple and a couple bottles of water while you trudge through the Alps.
When travelling, jingling change in your pocket, and the amount that accumulates, can be annoying. It can also be a liability depending on where you are. A small coin purse that fits into your bag is easy to keep track of, and less embarrassing than shuffling through mounds of change to find the hotel key.
ID, social insurance, birth certificate, credit card, debit card, straight cash, your wallet does it all. Arguably the most necessary accessory travel can require. Don't make it any easier for pickpockets by putting it in your back pocket. You can also make your own wallet out of duct tape, check out this useful guide If your concerned about security, look into rocking a money belt
Good for paranoiacs who don't trust the rest of us. Many times with good reason. A money belt is like a money pouch minus the stigma of a totalitarian, destructive tourist. It slips nicely under your shirt and allows for a nice uncomfortable pause on the train when the conductor asks to see your ticket.
Passe, dated, old-school, an abomination on the eyes. Call it what you will. Travel with this and expect to be mugged. Cumbersome and gaudy, the money pouch screams idiot, so if you're looking to make the wrong kind of impression with the locals, don your Hawaiian shirt and socks and sandals and catch the elevator up the Eiffel Tower. But don't eat at the restaurant, because you're too cheap.
Kleenex, sunglasses, a comfortable pillow, and a Sudoku puzzle book. Anything else you might need for that painfully long plane ride? Put it in your carry-on. Remember to review the list of items that aren't permitted, though, because the only thing worse than the fatty snoring music scores across the Atlantic is the really mean airport security guy who thinks he's a cop and detains you just long enough to miss your flight.
Unless you want your toothbrush rubbing up against the soles of your flip flops or your hand cream moisturizing your three-piece Ralph Lauren suit, then this comes highly recommended.
Unless you want headaches and squinted eyes, a case for your glasses is like a bottle for your water. Essential for active vacations and people who use their cheaters intermittently.
Sleep Items: Show Products
The expression is: "Once your head hits the pillow..." not "once your head hits the ground". To me that says concussion, not sleep.
A pillow without a case on it can get pretty grimy. A case you can wash, while a pillow isn't so simple.
Exponentially easier to store than a regular pillow, this allows you the luxury of a decent sleep on the plane and the avoidance of head lice at the hands of the hostel linens.
A number of hostels don't even offer linens, and many that do do so with an added charge. There is also the comfort in knowing that your sleeping bag is yours, and doesn't need to be shared with the other bums camping on the outskirts of the metropolitan center you're too cheap to stay within.
Put this inside your sleeping bag or use it to avoid touching greasy hostel linens. Easy to wash and dry. A must have for any backpacking trip.
Laundry: Show Products
Just a piece of twine or length of rope that you can sling up between a couple trees to escape have your money "laundered". Hahahahaha.
If you're not going to the laundromat, then what do you plan to use to wash your clothes with? Surely not the Pears you brought along...far too valuable a commodity for anything but skin.
A general purpose silicone plug enables the user to cheaply wash their clothes in the sink or the bathtub. Useful for the simple reason that if you are so cheap as to wash your clothes by hand, then chances are the sink in the place you're staying doesn't have one.
It's not segregation if it's an inanimate object, right?
Books/stationery: Show Products
Whether it be Lonely Planet, Michelin, or Rick Steves', you won't look like the tourist you are if you don't have one.
While it looks bad, it can be the catalyst between going home with a prostitute and ordering a latte. Familiarize yourself with the basics beforehand, though, because patience is only skin deep for those without effort.
If you crossed Russia by train and read War and Peace while doing so, then walk through the room with your head held high.
Traveling is inspirational, and can cause a person to do things they wouldn't normally do. If you don't read non-fiction, or if you just plain don't read, you may find that the new sights and cultures hold you in thrall enough to flip a page or two.
People you met, places you saw, thoughts you thought, ideas you heard and the odd entry can be the foundation for a work of art or a nostalgic revisit in the future. Once some time has elapsed, those memories you think you'll have forever won't be as sharp as they were. Thanks, notebook!
Throw a pen behind your ear and look cool, or just keep one in your shirt pocket with a pad of paper so you can write down directions when you inevitably get lost.
Like a pen, but you can erase what you write. Great for sketching and doodling under inks, and for lead poisoning circa 1925.
If your hitchhiking then bring one of these along. Your sign should be easy to read and have your destination on it. For more hitchiking tips and tricks of the trade check out our article here. Also good for drawing penises on passed out friends (or randoms) faces.
Misc.: Show Products
They may power a flashlight, a camera, a music player, or a vibrator. Regardless of their use (we're not biased, but hopefully it's for the latter), these are essential to most trips.
If your travelling with stuff you don't want to lose, bring a padlock. Lots of hostels provide lockers, but you generally need your own lock. Combination locks are good so you don't have to worry about carrying a key around. Even if your hostelmates seem legit, you never know who's hard up for cash or extra gear. Aussies are notorious for this.
Is there any circumstance where you wouldn't need this? There's no question that The Travel Packer is an excellent resource for travelers, but you don't need us to explain this one.
Whether you're picnicking and picking up your waste or storing greasy toiletries so they don't muck up your clothes, plastic bags are super handy. Just be sure not to throw them away, because that garbage island the size of Texas is big enough.
These are great to bring along on your travels. You never know when your going to get stuck in the rain or have wet clothes that you need to keep separate from your other stuff. Keep your small valuable electronics in these bags or put your wet bathing suit in one. Bring a couple different sizes and your hot to trot.
Don't get caught with your pants down.
If you haven't seen The Red Green Show then watch it, and he'll explain everything you need to know.
You'll never be as cool as George C. Scott sipping milk and playing poker, but there's nothing wrong with the odd game of 'go fish'.
We employ the 3 'S' rule: sight, survival, seduction. Do not go without.
Unless you can create fire a la Tom Hanks (with or without Wilson), matches are essential. Often a better bet than a lighter, seeing as you can't run out of fluid, though neither works when wet.
Do you smoke? Do you leave cool trails of gasoline then blow up cars? Do you put your flame in the air if you don't really care? Do you have a lighter?
Great for a quick fix or an emergency puncture. Sanitize first, though, that shit can get gnarly, son.
Great for cutting off tags, and cutting off sleeves. Make sure you're cool enough, though.
At sometime, you'll have to resign yourself to the fact that there's always something to pluck: sliver, stray back hair etc... Good for small places that make big differences.
The irony of the name is the only shortcoming of the Swiss army knife.
Bored? Play a board game! We recommend Scategories, Balderdash, Monopoly or Settlers of Catan.
Not to be confused with the douchey football jackets that high school jocks wear during high school and the following years until their guts don't allow it, this handy multi-tool allows the user completer control over any small remedy.
A good, quick fix.
Kitchen Items: Show Products
It's hard to say what's better. The bottle or the instrument that opens it. I suppose one good thing leads to another. Mandatory--a universal truth, this.
If you plan on cooking for yourself while traveling invest in one of these. Great for camping or just avoiding using greasy shared hostel cutlery. The cup also conveniently hides whatever you should choose to put in it so stick it to those hostels who have a hostel bar liquor only policy.
The Hair: Show Products
We recommend finding a good 2 in 1 shampoo conditioner so you have less bottles to carry around. If your not picky, you can also use this as body wash (soap), as well as laundry and dishwashing soap .If you find an all natural biodegradable brand you can wash pretty much anywhere. Like the amazon river without killing the piranhas.
Apparently you need to brush your hair 100 strokes a night before bed or something. I get 100 strokes in, but not on my hair. This nifty little travel sized brush/mirror combo is perfect for on the go touch-ups.
Looking good is important but not everyone wants to carry a comb or even worse a brush around. The super duper switchblade pocket comb is essential for the traveller looking for extra protection as well as a stylish accessory. Why it even helps you get that combed hair look.
If you like to do the doo then "short sexy hair hard up" gel is for you. Being neither short, sexy, or hard I haven't yet tried this stuff. Apparently it's the greatest so shellac some on then hit the local hotspots and be laughed at by the locals. If your more of a paster than a geller check out Bed Head Cocky Hair Paste. Who doesn't want to put cock in their hair?
The Face: Show Products
Shaving cream seems on its way out. This is the easy way to go for the busy-body.
Probably the most cost-effective way to shave--whether you use disposables or replace your blades. Got to say, though, these five-blade Gillette Fusions can't hold a flame to a single-blade.
Good luck shaving without this, scaly. Although, you could use shaving oil...
Check yourself out. Do it in your own little pocket mirror instead of those super reflective storefronts, though, so you don't look through your reflection and see all the people inside gawking and laughing. It does look really foolish.
The Mouth: Show Products
A toothbrush is pretty useful. You can probably get away with chewing twigs and eating apples for awhile but nothing gets the taste of last nights beers out of your mouth better than one of these combined with some toothpaste. Personally, I use the OHSO pocket toothbrush when travelling. The toothpaste is stored in the handle and there's a tight fitting cap so i don't get toothbrush/paste on my tighty whities and vice versa.
Floss is one of the cheapest multi-use items out there. You can use it as a clothesline, as a knife (for soft stuff like cheese), and even as a dental health aid. More more info, check out the very informative Matador article I find a nice waxy dental floss to be the most useful. Johnson and Johnson manufacture many fine vintages of floss, I highly recommend them Johnson & Johnson Reach Dental Floss, Waxed - 55Yards
A most effective way to clean your teeth. Highly developed paste removes all manner of residual stain, tartar, plaque, and prevents tooth decay and gingivitis among other afflictions. Sensodyne, Colgate, and Crest are among the major players, but if you have a pound of flesh put aside for a rainy day, then go Rembrandt.
The Body: Show Products
Almost no one likes stinky smelly pits so try to use this regularly if you'll be seeing/interacting with other people. You can work up quite a sweat travelling, even if its just getting your backpack up the 10 flights of hostel stairs. Our favourite is Old Spice but thats just because we heard a rumour when we were 13 that it contains the most endomorphins and therefore is the best at getting the ladies. We've been loyal fans ever since. Plus the new Old Spice ads are ingenious! Check em out on youtube if you haven't already.
If you need to take a towel with you then I'd highly recommend you take a microfibre towel. They fold up to 20% the size of a regular towel, absorb water like a sponge, and dry quickly. You don't get the warmy cozy towel feeling but i can live with that.
TP is a pretty good invention. You can use it to wipe yourself, clean up spills, soak with water and throw on the ceiling of that snobby restaurant, and decorate houses, trees, cars and anything else you can think of. When your travelling many places don't provide toilet paper or there is an additional charge for it. And if your camping, there may not be a suitable leaf around. Check out this article for more info on wiping protocol around the world.
Fight Club should be reason enough for you to bring soap everywhere you go, never mind just on your travels. Unfortunately Ed and Brad have yet to become the philanthropists that Paul Newman and Bob Redford did, so for now we'll have to contend with salad dressing, Sundance, and Pears.
When I was traveling, I was using this expensive soap I'd brought abroad with me, so I treated it super carefully and made sure never to leave it behind. Of course, this was at the cost of all my other toiletries being covered in soap scum for the entirety of the trip.
If your blade goes dull you could be at risk of ingrown hairs and beard rash. Ever seen Martin Scorsese's art school debut "The Big Shave"? You'll see how bad it can get on Youtube.
"We've got to clip them." Conspiracy to commit hygiene.
Don't be such a tweeze! Pack that shit in your overnight kit.
A great way to lather one's body while bathing.
Easy storage and handy when you're wet. Just make sure not to pack it damp, because mildew smells like hell.
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